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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Viral Marketing of Books - Cost/Benefit Questions

I came across these videos at The Book Design Review. They're for Douglas Coupland's new book The Gum Thief. They're each the first in a series of ad trilogies. You can visit YouTube to see all the rest.

A. In execution, I think they're excellent. Professional, creative, eye-catching, etc.

B. In terms of SELLING the product...which is the necessary outcome of any successful ad...I just am less sure. In purely pitching the story, I thought the third ad caught my attention the most. The first was humorous, but I'm not sure it presents a book I want to read. The second was fascinating but again...I wasn't blown away by what I assume is text from the novel.

C. These trailers are becoming more and more popular for books...for any variety of reasons. As the popularity grows, what we'll see is that the bar is raised for the quality of the ads. And as the bar is raised...you can pretty much bet that the dollars/time/ingenuity required are going to grow as well.

Here's the rub. Are these things selling books? Are they selling enough books to warrant dollars/time/ingenuity? Are you going to buy The Gum Thief? And if not you, then who?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Editor Who Altered the Literary Landscape

I don't know that these days exist anymore within publishing, but there was a time that one man's vision could alter (for good and/or bad) an entire literary landscape.

Here's a primer on Gordon Lish.