f a i t h * i n * f i c t i o n: Newberry Kerfluffle - (Warning! Contains Anatomically Correct Language)

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Newberry Kerfluffle - (Warning! Contains Anatomically Correct Language)

You've heard about the most recent hullabaloo surrounding the Newberry Award, right? The winning novel, The Higher Power of Lucky, is being passed over by children's librarians because of the use of, well, an anatomically-correct word. A dog's anatomically-correct word.

In one of the more impressive and diligent displays of research I recall, a site called Gelfblog has shown that such an uproar may be a bit overstated as a wide number of children's fiction titles already use that word. Click here for the list: but be warned, there's anatomically-correct language.


On a related note:

I once took part in a conversation trying to suss out the ugliest sounding word--regardless of meaning--in the English language. For most of us, this anatomically-correct word topped the list, but I admit we were slightly prejudiced by denotation. One friend wasn't.

"The word I really hate," she offered quite seriously, "is scrod."

And then we all acknowledged that "scrod," in fact, is the ugliest word in the English language.


In what's likely to be the best line on the entire deal, Neil Gaiman, where this post launched from, expresses his frustration with what he assumes must be rogue librarians, but then admits:

Then again, I'm English, a country in which "the dog's bollocks" is an expression of approbation and unconditional approval.