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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Leif Enger's Second Novel

Publishers Lunch is announcing news of Leif Enger's follow-up to Peace Like a River.

Leif Enger's second novel SO BRAVE, YOUNG AND HANDSOME, a tale of passion and adventure in early 20th century America, about an aging train robber, pursued again after years of obscurity, seeking to reconcile the claims of love and judgment on his life, to Elisabeth Schmitz and Morgan Entrekin at Grove/Atlantic, for publication in early 2008

It's funny, we've been talking about Enger's PLaR for so long in "Christian" contexts (and I've seen him speak at two Christian Arts conferences) that there becomes almost a slight assumption (given lack of information otherwise) his next would follow in slightly the same path. Which is ludicrous since Enger, I'm sure, doesn't see himself at all through the lens I'm forced to see fiction.

Instead, we see him following PLaR mostly in its heart-on-the-sleeve nostalgia for Americana. We'll see how it plays out in tone. And we'll see if he pull off the nearly impossible--follow-up on a beloved and bestselling debut novel.