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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Endless Debate Pushes On

More thoughts on "popular" vs. "literary" fiction.

First a bevy of well-known CBA novelists weigh in at Charis.

Mark Bertrand offers his thoughts.

It seems a lot of the steam has gone out of the argument. There are a lot of carefully constructed arguments paying tribute to both sides. Nobody too willing to get LOUD. Which, as Mark points out, is really the only sane way to approach a question as vague as "Which is better?"

I don't really have anything new or helpful to contribute. As writers and publishers, I think our biggest concern right now is that the CBA readership prove itself able to sustain a breadth of fiction (both pop and pop-lit) from a depth of writers or the above debate will be moot for books emerging from CBA. Evidence is mixed at the moment and depending on the day I'll either be hopeful or deeply worried. Unfortunately some of the strongest current indicators seem to be against it (the Wal-Mart effect being the primary one), but we'll see how they play out.