f a i t h * i n * f i c t i o n: The Death of the "Written" Word

f a i t h * i n * f i c t i o n

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Death of the "Written" Word

Turns out National Book Award winner Richard Powers didn't write The Echo Maker. But not in the way that sounds. (And having read most of Powers, this essay doesn't surprise me in the least.)

He makes some interesting points here, though I'm sure a very similar case, with correspondingly high-powered literary names can be made for the glory and power of noodling on a keyboard or scratching with a pencil.

I would say the one take-away here is that your work should be read aloud at some point during its creation. There's things, particularly in rhythm and voice, your ear will pick up that your eyes skip over.