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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Daily Sacrament Short Story Contest

Last year we announced the next short story contest. The gates are now open and things are off and running. FiF is partnering with Relief Journal to invite you to create and submit a story tackling the theme of "daily sacrament."

As always, we're not going to completely pin you down on what this means. It could be the daily made sacred (like Andre Dubus) or the sacred explored in terms of daily life (as Marilynne Robinson does so eloquently in Gilead. The full list of rules are here including information about submission. Thanks to Coach at RJ, we've got a spiffy new submission system that's really quite slick.

We're accepting stories through mid-March. Please don't wait until the ides to submit, but also GIVE US YOUR BEST WORK. Fun things can happen if you do.

(To wit: Michael Synder, winner of the editor's choice at RJ--and finalist in the conversion contest here--just got a 2-book deal from Zondervan.)

And please, please, please pass this on to those you know. We'd love to hear from as many new voices as possible.

(And hooray to me for finally posting an image here--a lovely logo design by Allison Smythe at ArsGraphica. Only took me three years!)

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