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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Picks of 2006 - Movies

In past years I always forgot what I'd seen, so I kept a list this year of the films (nearly all on DVD) that I watched. Looking back through I realize why I forgot most of the films. Anyway, here's my favs.


Mad Hot Ballroom - More dancing, you ask? Yep.

The Stone Reader - If you read or care about books, this should be of interest to you.


Muck Raking

The Constant Gardener
- Poke the drug companies with John LeCarre

Good Night and Good Luck - Liked the film...and got into Diana Reeves from the soundtrack.


Blast From the Past

The Insider - This movie engrossed me. Paired with GN,GL above I felt like becoming a journalist just so I could get up on some high horse.

Metropolitian - Jane Austen-esque comedy of manners set amid the NY debutante scene. Mostly people in tuxes and dresses talking...but it entertained me greatly.


Smaller Films

- For me, this "high school noir" worked so much better than Veronica Mars. Adjusting teen slang to become hard-boiled patois, I think that was genius.

Tristram Shandy - A film about filming an unfilmable 18th century novel. I laughed.


Liked it More Than I Expected

Cars - The people at Pixar...well they entertained me even in a story involving NASCAR and Larry the Cable Guy.


90% of a Good Film

The Inside Man -
The ending was weak.

16 Blocks
- The ending was weak.

Murderball - The ending was weak.