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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Free Book, Sorta

I'm not sure why I didn't know this before, but The NYTimes is running a serialized Michael Connelly novel. So you can check it out if you want.

It's a fun idea but I can't get the nagging idea out of the back of my mind that if Connelly thought this was his best work, we'd probably be getting it in hardcover. We'll see; I've not yet read it and don't want to cast aspersions prematurely.


In other news, I hope you had a nice Christmas. I didn't get the My Little Pony I wanted, but my daughter did and she's promised to let me play with hers.


Two addendums to my year-end review

1. Born Into Brothels - We're in a strong age for documentaries. I think access to portable, high-quality digital video is making it easier for folks with a passion to cover a subject. This one is well worth your time. I'm pretty sure there's any number of lessons to Christians in here on how to live.

2. Superman Returns - Snuck it in under the wire, but this is absolutely my least favorite film of 2006. Wow, I disliked it.