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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Story Contest: The Third!

Of all the things I get to do at this blog running the story contests is the one I love the most. My daily work wraps fiction up in a lot of questions about market and content-concerns and saleability...and while those all pay the bills, sometimes it's nice to find a space away from that. Where writing, for its own sake, can be valued and enjoyed and celebrated. And your words have offered that chance.

So...I'm extremely pleased to announce a third iteration of the contest. And I'm also pleased that it has grown. In fact, if I may say so, we're to the point where this thing is almost downright legitimate.

The winner selected will be published. In print.

The winner selected will receive a cash award. Nothing you can retire on, but it'll keep you in books for a couple of months. Or tuna fish. Or whatever small staple you're missing in your life.

I am extremely pleased to be partnering with Relief Journal for this contest. I dig the spirit of what they're doing and am honored that they let me ride their coat-tails a bit. Big thanks to Mark Bertrand (whose thoughts on the contest you should definitely check out) and the entire editorial board for taking a chance on this venture. We all are going to be looking for your best work, so take advantage of the writing window offered and show us what you've got.

And so, with great pleasure...here's the official announcement!


Relief Journal/F*i*F "Daily Sacrament" Short Story Contest

Andre Dubus writes of cooking an omelet and it becomes a holy moment. Marilynne Robinson takes the acts of baptism and communion out of their churchly garb and gives them new resonance and depth. Inspired by examples like these, the "Daily Sacrament" short story contest will challenge you to explore the everyday in light of the eternal--or the sacred in the surroundings of the commonplace.

Reading Period: January 1 - March 15, 2007
Prize: Winner will receive $250 and publication in Relief Journal.
Runners-up: Published on the faith*in*fiction blog.
Word Limit: 10,000

To find out more about the kind of fiction Relief Journal publishes, we encourage writers to visit our site at www.reliefjournal.com and order a copy of the publication.

Relief will accept submissions online at a new contest site that will be unveiled when the reading period begins.


Finally, if you have questions post them here and we'll take a stab at answering them.

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