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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Power to the People

Sara Nelson, editor of PW, has an editorial about the latest OJ Simpson book-kerfluffle.

Her last few paragraphs are interesting, including this:
It used to be that publishing declared its morality, its values, its world view by the books it chose to publish. Now, it seems, the business declares itself by what it refuses to publish.

Mick Silva could probably write up a new version of the 95 Theses based off that quote alone. (I'd be interested to see to what publishing house door he nailed it...I'll come in next week and there'll be a huge parchment spiked to my office door.)

The problem with the quote, of course, is that it took a massive public groundswell for a publisher to "declare its morality." If you'd heard crickets chirping, the book would be out there. Or in CBA's case, if books with leaky, prosperity theology under-pinnings are not just tolerated but turning into proverbial hotcakes, well....

And what does it say about our fiction.

Sure we have our "list" of things that won't fly in CBA.

But do we turn down a book because the violence is gratuitous?

Or the message is trite?

Or the worldview too cynical?

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