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Monday, October 02, 2006

State of the Industry

Two and a half years ago I gave a five day tour of the industry. Here’s a very brief summary of all that’s changed since then in Christian publishing. (And this is at the corporate level. Even more has shifted at the personnel level.)


Zondervan – Still owned by HarperCollins…and somewhere up the pyramid, Rupert Murdoch. They have a new director of fiction.

Baker Publishing Group – This includes Bethany House, Revell, and Baker Books.

Harvest House – I think there’s a new VP of fiction here, too.

Tyndale – Steady as she goes…though Left Behind is waning.

Barbour Books – Not much new here.

Moody – Nor here.

NavPress – Their fiction line has taken some blows on the personnel side but I think it’s still up and running.

Steeple Hill – Though they always seem to be adding small lines/imprints.


Thomas Nelson – Used to be publically traded. Now owned by a private equity group, InterMedia Partners VII. Also, they just bought Integrity Publishers. I’d bet on Integrity’s fiction line simply being wrapped into WestBow (Nelson’s fiction imprint.)

Waterbrook – Still owned by Random House who also just bought Multnomah. I don’t think anything definitive has been announced regarding plans but word on the street suggests that the two fiction lines may be merged under a new, as yet unnamed, imprint.

Howard – Now owned by Simon & Schuster.

Cook Communications – Had a fiction imprint called RiverOak. Shut it down. Hired a new staff (including most of NavPress) and looks to be completely revamping their publishing program. Fiction will likely be part of that.

Warner Faith – Now is FaithWords and is owned by Hachette Livre in France. Still has Center Street imprint as far as I know. Recently lost publisher Chip MacGregor to the agent world.

HarperSanFrancisco – High-end spirituality line is launching an inspirational romance imprint with fellow sister company Avon.

Penguin – I thought they launched an inspirational imprint. I can’t find any record of it though.

Relevant – I think they’re out of the book business.

Realms - I've heard they're now publishing only spiritual warfare fiction.


Industry colleagues: If I've mispoken or miscast your publisher or forgotten anything do let me know.