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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The View from Dallas

Those interested in recaps of ACFW (from an f*i*f perspective) should probably start with Mark Bertrand's thoughts. He's also linked to a number of others in the community who've written up their experiences.


It's hard to know what to answer when folks ask me how the conference went.

Are you asking from a pure acquisition's perspective? If so, my hopes are pretty tempered and I really won't know until possibly even months from now as ideas I heard trickle in.

Are you asking from a more general work perspective? Because at ACFW I was able to chat with BHP published authors Deeanne Gist, Kim Sawyer, Cathy Hake, Elizabeth Musser, and soon to be published Paul Robertson. Plus I spent time talking with a number of agents. It's personal face time that can't necessarily be quantified. But is extremely important.

Finally are you asking about my own personal perspective? I'm beginning to worry that I'm actually making "friends" in this industry--among fellow editors, published authors, aspiring authors, and perhaps even agents. Comraderie is not what I'm paid to establish when I attend one of these things. And it can't dictate the business decisions that need to be made at the end of the day. But it certainly keeps me sane.