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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Random Links

A few weeks ago I posted a site that was conducting their own survey of the best fiction of the last 25 years. Their results are in. And this list certainly reflects my taste much more than the NYTimes. So much, in fact, that I think I need to assure you I only voted once...and for one book.

Simple things to energize your writing. via Jordon Cooper.

Neil Gaiman answers the question of how we approach the writing of people with whom we disagree ideologically. And I like what he has to say. (Third question down.)

Steve Ross offers a remix of the book of Mark...as a graphic novel
. I finally had a chance to read it andI thought it was good. Not overwhelming...because I thought it played it a little too close to the text in places rather than use the distance from the story he'd given himself, but interesting.

Now you don't just have to read him...you can let the dulcet tones of T. L. Hines own voice wash over you as Tony is podcasting.