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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Find This Fascinating

Walden Media, who (I think) is quickly establishing themselves alongside Pixar as one of the top small film companies in Hollywood is tapping into the power and scope of the Internet to place themselves where they can't be.

They're drafting volunteers to help promote two upcoming movies at State Fairs and Christian music festivals across the country this summer. You promise to work a six-hour shift and they'll pay for your entrance into the event.

These kind of grassroots efforts have, in the past, paid off for political and social compaigns...but there's always been an ideologic link that connects cause to volunteer. Here, you're basically a shill for a movie, though perhaps that's too cynical. The Wilberforce movie, assumably, is going to have some social justice connections and in choosing to help Walden I guess you're making a stand for ethical values in filmmaking.

I'll have to check out the booth at the Minnesota State Fair when the family and I make our annual deposit to the coffers of fat, sugar, and foods on sticks.

(This link comes from Infuze and Robin Parrish, whose book Relentless should now be on shelves near you.)