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Monday, May 15, 2006

Publishing Oddity - Hot Dog Edition

Publishing is an odd industry at times. With so many books coming out it's inevitable that certain titles and subjects are going to cross swords. Usually they're predictable (see DaVinci Code debunkers) and sometimes they're mildly random.

Take for instance these two books on competitive eating. I'd been waiting for Horsemen to release because a friend is about to marry the author. But before it could, Eat This Book beat it to market. Behind-the-scenes, apparently, Random House bumped up production schedules and actually released Horsemen early...to take advantage of the buzz/press its competitor had generated on the topic. And so two books on the same topic with rather similar covers released within perhaps weeks of each other.

Which is better? I've not yet read either (and I'm obviously biased) but...

Entertainment Weekly
reviewed both side-by-side (Eat vs. Horsemen) and gave Horsemen a slightly better review. Plus it's a quite a feather to place a 6000 word excerpt in The Atlantic Monthly.