f a i t h * i n * f i c t i o n: Six Things I Learned at Mt. Hermon

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Six Things I Learned at Mt. Hermon

1. Acquisitions editors are the nerdy rock stars of writers conferences. Folks want to chat with us. I've had people get very, very nervous in my presence. I understand it in theory and yet it continues to surprise me conference after conference.

2. There are five or six editors at different houses in CBA who could be hosting this blog or something very similar in tone and purpose. Some may find that disconcerting. I found it rather heartening.

3. The human body, if pushed, can produce a lot of phlegm. Remember when I said I was at the peak of health? That was a hill I abandoned on one flight to Phoenix.

4. My blog is spilling over into my conference life. I was grilling writer after writer about their intentions to make their writing sustain and become a career.

5. My internal clock is broken. I used to be able to write a speech and pretty well gauge how long it would take me to get through it. The presentation I offered at Mt. Hermon missed short by 33%.

6. This market change CBA is going through is not likely to settle down anytime soon. New publishers are cropping up or getting bought. Others are disappearing (Realms and RiverOak). Retail is still sorting itself out. Writers and editors are searching for the direction of the "new" CBA. A lot of propositions were offered as to some possible outcomes, but it will be interesting seeing how many pan out and how many flame out.


If you attended and have a quick writing tip you learned, some good publishing advice, a funny story, or any other thought to share, feel to free to add it to the comments here or at the discussion board.