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Friday, April 21, 2006

On Calvin

Some random memorable moments from Calvin so far:

1. An older woman approached me and said, "I'm sure people have told you that from the back you like that young man from Numbers." I replied that, actually, she was the first to make such an observation and admitted that--not knowing the show nor the actor to which she was referring--I wasn't certain if this was a good thing or not. "Oh," she reassured me, "It's a good thing. He's very smart."

Which I take to mean that, from the back, I look quite intelligent.

2. I added another half-dozen or so names and faces to the list of f*i*f folk whom I've now met face-to-face. It seems like just two years ago that you were all random names or little monickers.

3. I shook Lawrence Dorr's hand. I don't know him, but my miniscule impression based on just a heartbeat of interaction and in watching him chat with others is that I'd very much like to. He seemed joyous.

4. Watched Salman Rushdie do about ten minutes of fatwa humor. It's become a "bit" for him now. Personally, I think I'd hold a grudge.

He concluded with some strong thoughts about "story" and the danger of allowing a single entity (be it government, religion, etc.) control how the "story" is told. Hmmm, single entities controlling voice and story. Defining appropriateness. Yes, I can see how that could be frustrating.

5. Too, I felt for the first time a growing sense that, perhaps, the window of opportunity CBA has for talking about how it's going to "adapt" is somehow narrowing. Or perhaps certain voices are growing weary of the talk and are getting very antsy to see the results. I too am antsy. I'm worried about how long we'll have before folks decide that, in the words of Beck, "baby, you're a lost cause."

While it may not be the best for my family to be here so soon after Mt. Hermon it has been instructive. Both seem to represent ends of the spectrum on a variety of issues...and often opposite ends of the spectrum. It's somewhat schizophrenic to find myself seeing and understanding the arguments on both ends. My heart leans one way; the practical side of me leans the other. My spirit tilts to one side; the artist in me (what little is left of the poor fellow) tries to point the other direction.

And I think that's fine. I've talked of the glorious tensions within Christian publishing before. It's just instructive to see them laid out in front of me so distinctly at these two events.