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Friday, April 14, 2006

Next Week is Calvin

Next week is the Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing. I'll be there. Mark Bertrand will be there. Salman Rushdie and Marilynne Robinson will be there. (I'm trying to arrange a round of miniature golf for the four of us.) It's really quite a line-up and should be an inspiring, challenging time.

I'll be on a panel on Thursday talking about the Christian book industry. (Poor Jon Pott. All he wants is respectability for Eerdmans and he keeps getting stuck on panels with me.)

On Friday I'll be hosting a lunch discussion for which Bertrand helpfully provided a topic--A Community of Strangers: How the Internet Helps Build and Destroy Aspiring Artists.

I'll also be available at the booth for appointments to discuss your book. Do stop by. Leave your name for me if I'm not around. Or, even better, email me in the next few days and we'll set a time to chat.

Calvin is trying something new this year with a manuscript submission opportunity. I'm assuming I'll be able to access the proposals and it will be interesting to compare the projects with something like Mt. Hermon. I spoke with one of the organizers and they're trying to walk a fine line between attracting aspiring writers and yet keeping the focus on the "reading" side of the book world. Which I find honorable.