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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Stone Reader

I'd like to announce the Official Documentary of faith*in*fiction:

The Stone Reader by Mark Moskowitz

Why it is I've not seen this movie before now is beyond my comprehension. I deeply encourage you to check it out. No clue if your Blockbuster will have it. Netflix should.

It's the story of a filmmaker who falls in love with a book, years after its publication, and then discovers the author never wrote another and, essentially, vanished. There's a few holes in the search to discover the author but that's besides the point. (Also beside the point is whether you've read the book being discussed, The Stones of Summer.) The point is its celebration of reading; its exploration of the puzzling "astrology" of what makes a book successful; and its thorny question of how an author follows up a successful book.

Well, well, well worth your time.


Halfway through, Moskowitz, stymied in his search for the elusive Dow Mossman (and unable to find any info onthe publisher of the book who was bought and vanished) turned to another author who attended the same Iowa Writer's Workshop and who also published with this now defunct publisher.

Robert C. S. Downs.

This is of interest to literally nobody but me but Professor Bob Downs was my favorite creative writing instructor at Penn State. I've mentioned him in passing a few times before (here and here--he's Charles.) It was just, well, flabbergasting to see him pop up in this movie. Looked great. Reminded me, even in his little moment, of all the things I'd liked about him. I was lucky to have studied with him.