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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


In high school, some friends and I braved Philadelphia to see "Laser U2" at the local planetarium. Seemed pretty cool at the time. (For the authentic Philly experience, we even got threatened by some "hoods" who thought we looked too preppy.)

Intervening years changed how I viewed that night. It seemed less "cool" and more, "absurdly dorky." We basically paid money for somebody to play music loud and flash moving lights. And none of us had the benefit of being drunk or stoned.

More years have passed. Fountains of Wayne wrote an ode to the past-time with "Laser Show"--(Sample lyric: "We're going to space out to our favorite tunes. We're going straight to the dark side of the moon.") Freaks & Geeks (best show ever) ran a delightful episode involving "Laser Floyd."

And now, the memory brings a warm feeling to me. I'm glad I was teen enough back then to do awful, random things like "Laser U2." Such, I guess, is the fickle nature of memory.