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Thursday, January 05, 2006

More Stories!

Here's that list I promised. These are other stories submitted during the contest. If you've a story from the contest available online that I've neglected to mention, please email me.

Newly added:
"The Master's Key" by Sheya Joie
"Sleeperhold" by Jim Sanders

"Conversion" by Phil Kan
"River of Faith" by Peter Thomas

"Little White Lies" by Kenn Allan
"Stumbling Stone" by Ann
"The Concubine's Son" by Sally Apokedak
"Another Day" by Michele Archer
"Isabella" by Elaina Avalos
"Suzy's Garden" by Becky920
"No Greater Love" by Rita Betti
"This is Freedom?" by Gina Burgess
"Mirry" by Elleann
"Lost And Found" by Linda Gilmore
"The Exile" by Glenda
"Saving Eden" by Gina Holmes
"Little Boy Lost" by Jeannette
"The Other Side Of Eden" by Janice LaQuiere
"Consider The Ravens" by Jane Lebak
"Raphael's Repent" by Caleb Meigs
"Samuel Jacobs" by David Meigs
"Lack Of Eloquence" by Rebecca Melvin
"The Legacy of Loco Komoko" by Chris Mikesell
"The Other Open Door" by Rebecca LuElla Miller
"Afraid of Death" by Noneuclidean
"Delores Finds Hope" by John Overman
"Fogbound" by Michelle Pendergrass
"Execution Day" by Angie Poole
"The Next Step" by Lori Saltis
"The Thief's Story" by Mirta Ana Schultz
"The Prophet" by DM Sheffield
"Death to Sin" by Sean Slagle
"Exodus" by Dee Stewart
"To the Ends of the Earth" by Virginia
"November Reign" by CL Will
"The Witness" by Jim Thompson
"Unwanted Grace" by Donald Crankshaw