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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Short Story Contest Follow-Up

Once upon a time there was a blog. It was a fine blog, updated almost daily by a swashbuckling, quasi-self-absorbed, editor who always seemed to get horribly misquoted by Publishers Weekly. In those days, this editor declared that there was to be a short story contest upon the theme of conversion. And, lo, seventy-five or so of you did find such news to be to your liking and set about crafting your 3000-word tales. And then you turned them in and for a long time nothing happened.

Until now. Well, not immediately now, but soon.

We'll take up the cause of the the conversion short story contest again in a week or two. I'll be posting stories here starting December 26 - January 6. And then we'll launch the new year with some further talk about God Talk.

(To prepare for this, if you submitted a story and are able to post it online somewhere, do so. I'll be gathering a list so that as broad a range of stories can be read as possible.)