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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gilead Not Done Winning Awards

This time it picks up the 2006 Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion which is presented jointly by the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary and the University of Louisville.

Doesn't sound as prestigious as the Pulitzer? Well, it's the first novel ever to win the award--normally given to theologians. And it carries a $200,000 cash prize. (I found the list of past winners interesting. Particularly Stephen Carter, who I think went on to write a pretty well-received novel called The Emporer of Ocean Park.)

In PW comments on the award and book I found this:
Many readers seemed to find Robinson's combination of theological rumination with serious fiction unique, but "religious thought has been a subject in classic literature for many centuries, and I don't understand why it has come to be counted as not native to the novel," [Robinson] said. "As a teacher I tell my students to consult in themselves about what it is they feel most deeply, about how they place themselves in the landscape. If religion is what they feel most deeply, that is what they should write."