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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Things I Learned From My Authors: Part Deux

Okay, Day 2 of me thanking my authors for being talented, hard-working folks. Day 1 got me a few hinky editor/marriage proposals and I'm hoping Day 2 brings me... a new car!


TL Hines
– Tony’s first novel, Waking Lazarus, is coming out from BHP next summer. As such I’m in the middle of editing it right now. This work coupled with the short stories inspired me to write this post.

Tony’s writing a suspense novel but I’m excited that he’s as strong in characterization as he is in hairpin plotting. He’s got characters who you end up feeling more attached to than you ever expected and so when hearts start pounding you actually feel sickly-nervous for their “safety.” A lot of this characterization comes through voice and part of Tony’s skill in voice is that he’s got a bit of the stylist in him. Not to be a writing geek, but I’m learning first-hand how things normally overlooked (like punctuation) can help make a character three-dimensional.

(BTW: Tony's got some funny and interesting glimpses at being a first-time novelist going on at his blog. He's also launching a true behind-the-scenes opportunity for folks fascinated by writing and interested in his book.)

Robin Parrish – Robin’s debut novel, Relentless, will also be releasing from BHP next summer. It’s also a suspense novel but is of a different taste and feel than Tony’s. Robin is best known for tackling culture, art, and faith at InFuze and is a strong new voice in a fairly unrepresented generation of Christian writers. I don’t think I’d so far as to call him a postmodern voice, but he’s certainly got those tendencies, finding God outside traditional venues and exploring faith in non-traditional forms. Like me, Robin’s also an emerging comics guy, though I’m not sure I’ve confessed that I’m a DC-fan to his Marvel appreciation. Hopefully he doesn’t drop me.

Now that I’ve made it to Robin, I realize that I’m learning and seeing things in my authors that are my own personal weaknesses because Robin’s a study in pace. Namely, fast pace. You don’t have the gumption to name a book Relentless unless you’ve got the overdrive to back it up, and his novel never stops to putter. There’s numerous marketing clichés about “page-turning” novels, but it’s terrific when you find yourself in the midst of one, page-after-page flying by as a story whirls in front of you.


So, those are some thoughts I have about my writers. I’ve limited my thoughts to these four because they’re the folks whose books I know best and whose work I’ve been closest to. There are lots of other excellent writers here at BHP (and within CBA as a whole) and I’m not trying to short-shrift them. This is one of the perks of signing with the emotive guy with the blog.