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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Great Writer

Dara Moskowitz, is a food critic from the City Pages in Minneapolis. Her restaurant reviews are subversively funny and usually quite tempting. Plus, she has fun with her taste metaphors.

"[The skate] arrived in a cloud of white foam, a cloud that tasted like crème fraîche and the brief tears cried by a young lemon..."

Or this review of Manny's Steakhouse:

One of the nice things about writing this blurb is the knowledge that it will never end up on the walls of the establishment in question, because the folks who run Manny's don't give a hoot what chump-change suckers who read (or write) free newspapers care (or write) about. Because if you've got $75 a head (not counting drinks) to blow on steak and potatoes and asparagus, you're probably too busy parking your Expedition on the backs of the working class to read a rag like this. But damned if these people, with their tiny, too-close-together tables and mind-bending wine list, don't serve the most heartbreakingly perfect aged steaks money can buy. Like the salty tear of an angel in heaven. The bastards.

Or this, about trying to find a decent bagel in Minneapolis. (Impossible, btw. Like the Italian hoagie.)
Simmering rage is one thing if you're a police sergeant with a shady past whose daughter has been kidnapped by a ring of thugs who are in cahoots with your police chief and want you to keep your mouth shut about their arson ring. It's quite another when you're simply looking for breakfast.

Why am I linking to this? Not sure. But good writing everywhere deserves to be celebrated.