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Monday, October 03, 2005

Ezekiel's Shadow

The time is fast approaching to discuss Ezekiel's Shadow. In what has been a rather unsettling premonition, my dreams of late have been taking me back to the aimless pomposity of my college writing seminars. Mark Bertrand hasn't yet appeared as terror-inducing professor, but if these continue we may just have to call this experiment off. ;)

A quick word about the discussion: we're hoping to utilize the discussion board to full affect for this and involve as many folks as possible in the analysis. So, please join the discussion board if you haven't yet done so. Also, if you'd like to participate, you'll want to have finished Ezekiel's Shadow by Monday. We're not going through the book chronologically but taking it as a whole, so some early posts are likely to contain "spoilers" if you haven't finished.

I finished my re-read of the book (my first since turning in final galleys in late 2000) this weekend and it was an interesting experience. I think the book should lend itself to discussion pretty well and hopefully (along with the conversion stories) will give us some momentum as we turn our eye to topics further down the line a bit.