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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Quiet Lately

Sorry for the dearth of posts recently, I’ve been caught in what can best be called—if it’s not too Catholic-sounding for CBA—“Meeting Purgatory.” Part of that was a review of the past fiscal year and its always nice to see that the BPG publishing platform is not just dawdling along but actually steaming ahead with vigor, purpose, and strength.

(It was also interesting to see some cost breakdowns. For instance, I was surprised to learn that we spent $740 on red pens filled with the blood of puppies and kittens for editorial use. A nice upgrade from thin rabbit’s blood.)

Anyway, best to all my friends and acquaintances down Houston/Galveston way. This is about #398,474 of the things you need now, I'm sure. I know many of you have already fled Rita. I hope the rest of you bunker down and stay safe. And that she's more bluster than bite when all is said and done.

Finally, two quick reminders:

1. The Conversion Short Story Contest ends next Friday, Sept 30, at 5:00pm central time. Click here for more info. I'm not sure at this point when the "finalists" will be announced. Possibly at the end of October.

2. October 10 we begin our discussion of Ezekiel's Shadow.