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Monday, September 19, 2005

ACFW Attendees

Sickness kept me from the conference last week and that's to my detriment. It also kept you from being able to submit your proposals to a rep. from one of the larger fiction publishing houses out there.

So I'd like to invite all of those who'd hoped to meet with me at ACFW to email me and we'll start a little dialogue about your work. In your first email, I'd like three things:

1. Your name and relevant contact information.
2. A one-page synopsis of your work (attached or in the email)
3. A short thought on why you feel BHP is a match for this project.

Remember, your submissions may span the breadth of CBA. They can be mainstream historical novels or edgier suspense and anything in betwixt. I was going to ACFW as a representative of BHP as a company and we obviously publish a variety of fiction.

Thanks. I look forward to your submissions. (Since my old goal was to find at least two phenomenal writers at the conference, I'll simply shift that to reading two phenomenal proposals on the computer.)


Also, if someone who regularly reads/chats/participates in the ACFW loops can email me, that'd be great.