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Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Quills Nominees: Or, Dave Is About to Have Coronary

Remember The Quills? That new book award that's somehow going to include popularity into its judging equation? Well, the finalists have been announced. I haven't been this irritated by something so unimportant since Forrest Gump won all those Oscars.

Here's the Religion/Spirituality group - Personally, I'm pulling for Deepak.

General Fiction
- So Gilead, which came out last year is going against Hornby's newest, which came out practically last week? I'd go with Gilead here, not that it needs another award.

Graphic Novel
- This is an insane category. Judging a book like Bone, which is essentially years of storytelling vs. an intentionally single volume like Persepolis or In the Shadow of No Towers makes no sense. Bone should win.

Debut Author - I don't know most of these, but I'll go with the food book because its simple message of moderation is one Americans don't seem to understand. Also, The Historian was boring.

- The Historian was still boring. I like Michael Connelly.

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror
- The Historian, a book ABOUT DRACULA!, wasn't nominated in this category. Go, Susanna Clarke!

Poetry - So the goal is to increase the visibility of books and yet you're about to give the award to dead people? There aren't five living poets worth honoring?

Health/Self Improvement
- Malcolm Gladwell's Blink?!!? Did I read the same book as these people?

Humor - The Daily Show's America: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy was hilarious.

Children's Chapter Book/Middle Grade - Are you kidding me? Harry Potter? Cornelia Funke? Lemony Snicket? In this category? And yet Wormwood and Abarat are teen?

All in all, this is train wreck. I think the collective response of America is going to be: shrug. But others have reminded me, forcefully, that bringing books attention on TV can't be a bad thing. So I'll tune in. October 22. NBC.