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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Potential Ratings

We have two competing camps. One want Christian books to mean, “books safe enough to pass on to my precocious daughter. The other wants books that understand and explore the difference between milk and meat. Perhaps the answer is not in ratings, but in the simple acronym coding suggested in the comments by Dan K.

To wit, some suggestions:

SfP10D – Safe for Precocious 10 year-old-Daughter

CK – Chaste Kissing

NCKFbIOWP – Non-Chaste Kissing Followed by Inevitable Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancy

UMNC – Undergarments Mentioned in Non-Sexual Context

UMSCFbIOWP – You can guess.

BSPrTR – Bestselling Scenes of Pre-Tribulation Rapture

ZGAWWFH - Zany Great Aunt Who Wears Funny Hats

TSCtFA - Thoughtful Spiritual Content that Feels Authentic

OP – Overt Preaching

MCS – Moving Conversion Scene

ToCS – Tacked-on Conversion Scene

EHE – Earned Happy Ending

ToHE – Tacked-on Happy Ending

ECWT – Edgy Christian With Tattoo

MHWT – Mean-spirited Heathen With Tattoo

ADCoEG – Acceptable Death Count of Enemies of God

GEPROSW – Generic Exclamation Poorly Replacing Obvious Swear Word