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Monday, August 15, 2005

Next Week

So it's goofy-crazy here at the moment. Some excellent things, some annoying things, some innocuous things that are getting caught in the middle and thus become annoying by proxy. Plus, The Intern is leaving and soon-to-be-published-author Tony Hines spent a few very nice hours visiting us here and my daughter's cast finally came off and I'm playing a dangerous game of chicken with the Northwest Airlines mechanics and there's a photographer who I'm about to punch and my lawn seriously needs mowed. Which is why there's no post today.

Next week, just to let you know, there will be no posts whatsoever. It's a week off for me and I've not prepared anything in my absence. Remember, there's the short story contest--which I'm already beginning to see entries for. This is a great week to get started on your story. Or finish a draft. Remember, it's only 3000 words. (Talks are ongoing to name a partner. Hopefully there will be an announcement in September.)

The rest of this week will be assorted bits and pieces. With, hopefully, an interview with the Intern to cap it off on Friday.