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Monday, August 29, 2005

News: Part 2 - ACFW

The American Christian Fiction Writers Conference is coming up in Nashville, TN from September 15-18. I'll be there.

I'd like to meet (at least) two unpublished novelists of immense talent there, so if you fit that description please sign up to speak with me. There are some on-going talks about a F*i*F gathering at some point during the conference. Please join us. Putting faces to internet avatars makes this all a little less digital.

UPDATED: I forgot to mention this the first time, BUT obviously at ACFW I'm representing BHP's acquisitions needs as a whole. So if your novel doesn't quite fit the tone of this site, that's no reason not to meet with me. The core of our publishing program continues to be mainstream CBA fiction and I'm happy to talk with you in Nashville.

So even if I annoy you, you still may want to schedule a meeting. Dilemma, isn't it?