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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dallas Willard on the Emerging Church

I've talked before about the echoes I see in this discussion of expanding the vision for Christian fiction and what the emerging church is doing. Jordon Cooper posted this quote from Dallas Willard, speaking about the emergent church in Leadership Journal. I think it has resonance.
They have a justifiable and healthy reaction against the model of programmatic church, and I think that it's good in many respects. I hope and pray that they find their way and bring us something really positive and good. That remains to be seen. The great challenge for the emerging church is determining their message. Reacting against the modern church is not a gospel. But if their message becomes living in the kingdom at the street level, then that's going to be wonderful.

The penultimate and concluding sentences are the key to our own discussions here. While our fiction doesn't correlate 100% to "living in the kingdom at the street level" I think that's an implied part of the "reality" we want to see in our novels. My intention, as much as possible, is to make that the focus and purpose of this blog. How do we write those stories? Our time of reaction and critique needs to be fading. Our time of producing new voices and kingdom building books needs to dawn.

(Also, read Michael Snyder's post today at the Master's Artist. It's not totally on this topic, but there's a sense in which it is.