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Friday, July 01, 2005

On Hiatus: Thoughts of a Publishing Intern

Ah, a week of pretentious moralizing. What blog would be complete without it? For those who’ve been rolling their eyes or bored stiff, I promise that it’s over (for now) and next week we’ll get back to the business of faith and fiction and publishing and editing.

In fact, next week will be a celebration of sorts. You see, the first book acquired through this blog has recently published! I find that pretty exciting, my company is happy because that’s, like, my actual job (making real books, not filling this blog), and the author is excited because it’s her debut novel.

Also, just so you know, Carra the Intern won’t be appearing today. We’ve worked her past the point of exhaustion and coherent thought, burying her under the slush pile and never-ending demands for coffee and dry-cleaning runs. Really, this summer internship thing was a lovely idea. I may soon ask for applications for folks who want to help out around my house.

I wish you a 4th of July filled with stuffed sausage casings, a can of something cold and carbonated, and skies filled with non-injurious colored explosions. I also hope you find a quiet moment to remember that Philadelphia day when Tom, George, Ben, John, John, and the rest of the boys found time between their group Bible study, accountability groups, worship services, and street evangelism to scrawl out the Declaration of Independence.