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Monday, July 11, 2005

CBA Day 1 - A Report

CBA isn't CBA anymore. It's got a longer complicated acronym that I can't remember and thus will call it CBA. We're in Denver this year.

The highlight of these kinds of things is getting together with colleagues and authors who you never see and that's what's been great so far here, too. BHP had an excellent night at the Christy Awards, winning three and the booth has been busy.

The single highlight so far has been Andy Crouch's speech at the award ceremony. Hopefully we can convince him to post the text of the speech at his site online so you can read it for yourself. It was an eloquent and pointed call for Christian fiction to give up being satisfied with the "virtual reality" of happy endings and easy answers for the hard truths and complicated problems of this grace-infused reality we all live in. My poor summary doesn't do it justice.

The rest is the same. Candy with scripture on it. Bibles of all colors and flavors. A skate-boarding park in one corner. And me standing at a tiny kiosk with a keyboard that's giving me carpal tunnel. Ah CBA. Once a year is plenty.