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Friday, June 10, 2005

Confessions of an English Diva: Thoughts of a Publishing Intern

Can an author write something that is purely for entertainment’s sake? Something that has no agendas? No flagrant worldviews? No gospel message? No hidden meanings or symbolism?

I honestly don’t think so. True, one can write an entertaining piece that holds no deep and heavy characters, situations and conflicts; but you are always relaying a message. An old high school teacher once told me you can NEVER not communicate. Even when you are dead, pale, and still, the lack of life and movement conveys to everyone that you are indeed dead—the dead you is still communicating.

I think stories operate the same way. An utter lack of morals and discipline/consequences in a story communicates that an immoral like is a justifiable way to live. A character who rejects God and leads a fulfilling life gives the impression that God is superfluous. Even Star Wars (no cracks, Dave), a film meant to be purely entertainment, has an inherent religious message disguised as “The Force.”

Even if our story and characters are completely bland, we are communicating that we are horrible writers and what sort of company would honestly publish something as tasteless as this?

No matter what we write, we are always communicating more than just a story and words on the page. Our worldview, morals, priorities, beliefs, etc. are all represented somehow. If not, we wouldn’t have much of a story, and our characters would be flat. So what do we do with this as writers?