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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Out at the Margins

Welcome to faith*in*fiction!

Readership for this site has grown. I’m not threatening InstaPundit or Wil Wheaton or even most of the sites that post steamy pictures of Jessica Alba…but for a topic as unsexy as Christian fiction, this thing has grown.

So I thought it’d be a good time to get back to where we started from. Reintroduce the site for those who may not know or have ignored the lure of the archives.

When I first started writing back in November 2003 I was not a full-time editor. I was an advertising copywriter who was told he could spend a portion of his week seeking books that were different from the mainstream of what we published. I had little opportunity to travel, no money to spend, and few contacts, so the best place to raise my voice seemed to be on the web. Blogger offered a free space and here we are.

Since that time I’ve acquired some very talented authors in some widely divergent genres; I’ve been rewarded with a full-time editorial position; I’ve met some fantastic people through the blog; and I’ve probably started fires on at least a few bridges, though hopefully none have burned irreparably.

In all that, the focus of faith*in*fiction really hasn’t changed.

Faith*in*fiction is still a place where I’m hoping to find, introduce myself to, and correspond with writers who have ideas off the mainstream of what’s being done in Christian publishing.

This is a branch of what Bethany House is doing in fiction today. A small branch, frankly, off a very large and healthy tree. It is not intended to be the death-knell of current CBA publishing. That’s ludicrous. Instead, it’s designed to be an expansion of the vision for what Christian publishing—perhaps reaching readers who’d heretofore been ignoring the genre.

I read mainstream CBA fiction. I enjoy CBA fiction. As a full-time editor I now acquire CBA fiction. I’m happy to talk mainstream CBA fiction ideas at conferences and through email or chats with your agent. But not here. Faith*in*fiction will continue to focus on the margins. It’s going to talk about ideas that might chafe a little bit. It’s going to talk about the small branch, rather than the tree.

I’m looking forward to what comes next. If that is only meeting more of you and discovering kindred souls in every state of our country, that’s more than reason enough. I hope most of you will continue on. The margins may not be that popular a place, but they’re fascinating.