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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Art and Soul Report

Because of the excellent work put in by Stan Shinn and Mark Bertrand, posting my own thoughts about Art and Soul would be redundant. Granted, that wouldn't normally stop me, but being away from the office for half a week has buried me so if you'd like to read about the conference I'll point you their direction.

A few interesting tidbits:

1. Leif Enger is well on his way into his second novel.

2. Paraclete, according to Lil Copan, will be running their fiction contest every two years--coinciding with Calvin's Festival of Faith and Writing, I assume. The winner of the first contest is now out. It's called Life With Strings Attached and it has a puppy on it. I have a colleague who read it and liked it.

3. John Wilson of Books and Culture has "actually liked" some of the CBA fiction he's read recently, at the behest of his daughter. He did not list titles.

4. Kaye Gibbons is writing a sequel to Ellen Foster. Also, she's one of those writers with the kind of insanely traumatic life that make you think compelling fiction most often comes out of going through things most of us would simply rather avoid.

5. Conferences about humor...yeah, not so funny overall.