f a i t h * i n * f i c t i o n: Foundational Books – #2

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Foundational Books – #2

Hardy Boys? Nope.
Nancy Drew? Are you kidding?
The Bobsy Twins? Hah!

No, my formula series of choice was the Three Investigators series. (BTW: I know the internet is full of these insanely devoted fan sites to obscure things. But it’s always fun when you find one for something you used to like.)

Somehow linked with Alfred Hitchcock, the series just looked cooler back in the 1980s when I was reading such fare. Hardy Boys looked fuddy-duddy and Nancy Drew was a girl, so it was me and the investigators.

I remember little of the stories. Virtually nothing of the writing or characters. Ah, but the covers. Going to the fan site and clicking around among the covers brought me back to the days when my mom would take me to a book store and I’d get to pick one out. Sure the cover oversold the story a bit—like comic books, really—but darn it, I know I had a couple of good hours of reading ahead of me.

And that’s not a joy or pleasure I’ll undersell or ever diminish in any way. Yes, I may not have been reading the greatest books in the world, but I’ll tell you that becoming more “discerning” hasn’t done much for the joy I find in reading. Frankly, few books make me feel that giddy with anticipation these days. That’s certainly my loss.