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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Year in Review – Day 3 – Miscellaneous

We’ll do books tomorrow mostly because I’m still trying to remember what I read earlier in the year. In 2005, I’m going to make a list.

This is just some other stuff that made me happy in 2004.


Y: The Last Man by Brian Vaughn – A plague wipes out all the men…except poor Yorrick Brown. My wife even reads this one…which should frighten me, I guess.

AstroCity by Kurt Busiek – Busiek somehow manages to capture what Marvel and DC have taken 70 years to achieve and cram it into five graphic novels—a world that’s familiar but startlingly unique. Tarnished Angel is a great hard-boiled graphic novel. If you’ve never visited this world, join soon. Busiek’s about to launch his “Dark Ages” run which explores the oft-mentioned but never explained tragedy of AstroCity’s past.

Bone by Jeff Smith – Just released as a 1200-page trade paperback, this is a fantasy adventure your kids may well enjoy.

Animal Man by Grant Morrison – Older, but fascinating. Very, very meta. Plus there's a great riff on WB's Coyote as being stuck in some agonizing purgatory where he can never die.


Lee Morgan – Philly jazz trumpeter. He’s dead, but I’ve just started listening.

Guster, “Keep it Together” – This came out in 2003. I'm listening to it more now, though.

Fountains of Wayne – Pop music for adults.

On Stage

A Year with Frog and Toad – Fun for the kids. As a plus, I got to see the Broadway cast here in Minneapolis which included Mark Linn-Baker as Toad. You’d know him better as Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers. My life is complete.

Carmen – My first opera. Staged by Theater de la Jeune Lune in Minneapolis. One of the best independent theaters in the country.

Anything Goes – Cole Porter’s plot’s are nothing worth writing home about, but the character of “Moonface” Martin is usually worth the price of admission.

Vote for Change – Springsteen. REM. Unannounced guest Neil Young. “All Along the Watchtower” and “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World.” No matter what your politics, the show (and I’m using it correctly here) rocked.