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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

2004 Christmas Stories

Have you read the submitted stories for the Christmas story contest? Besides those appearing here and at InFuze here's a great way to find many others.

Recently added
Phil Kan - "Gabriel"

Karlton Douglas-"A Santa Story"
Sandra Bishop-"And the Stockings Were Hung"
Micah L. Key-"A Promise Honored"
Violet Nesdoly - "My Messiah"
Angie Poole - "Like Birthday Cake "
Tom SternerHowe - "The Bicycle "
Warren Fitzpatrick-"From Castles to Stables"
Ben Forrest-"Loading Up"
Kenn Allan-"The Last Patient"
Mary DeMuth-"The Painting"
Marcia Lee Laycock-"Missing Christmas"
Steve Trower-"Strand"
Katie Hart-"Have Yourself a Merry Little "
Sally Apokedak-"No Accidents"
Rebecca Carter-"Peace on Earth"
Michael Snyder-"Unfinished Business"
Matt Bronleewe-"The Lamest Christmas Story Ever"
Tony Woodlief-"My Christmas Story: How I Ended Up Baking A Cake at 11PM Christmas Eve."
Trevor Denning-"Light and Life"
Marissa Lynn-"The Barnes and Noble Gift Wrapper"
Dianne E. Butts-"Twas the Night Before"
Chris Mikesell-"By Any Other Name"
David Long-"Good Neighbors"