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Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday Thoughts

A few clarifying points from yesterday.

1. I like dahlias. But…for the semi-manly reason that there are two solid noir works featuring the dahlia. The Blue Dahlia is an Veronica Lake film and The Black Dahlia is a hard-boiled novel by James Ellroy.

2. My wife pointed out that I left her and the kids off my list of things I scored 10 on in favor of olives. Not my shining moment as husband and father. I’ll pull a Spinal Tap and say that, on the matter of my wife and kids, I score an 11.


Today, I’ll start with a little lesson in overselling. At the end of yesterday’s article I promised a story about how I signed more books than Janette and Davis combined. Today, I’ll tell that story, but it’s not terribly exciting. I had a good grab line and nothing to back it up. That’s the worst place to be in marketing. The product needs to match the promise.

Anyway, my first book signing ever was in-house here at Bethany House. They wanted to celebrate the release of Ezekiel’s Shadow with me and so we arranged a book signing. It coincided, however, with a visit by Janette Oke and T. Davis Bunn and the release of their first co-authored book together, The Meeting Place.

So after a company lunch, a table was cleared and Janette, Davis, and I sat down. Folks were given two books: The Meeting Place and Ezekiel’s Shadow. We signed for about a half-hour, said good-bye, and I went back to work. An hour or so later a co-worker snuck into my office, carrying my book. “I didn’t want theirs,” she said, “so I didn’t stand in line.”

And hence, that day, I signed one more book than Mr. Bunn and Mrs. Oke combined. They have, however, out-sold me by a bit.


Two more points about that book signing.

1. About a third of the way in I looked up, nodded at the person waiting, and realized: The name of this person has completely left my head and it’s not coming back. We were in different departments; we didn’t interact much; I’m not great with names. Poof! Gone! Makes one feel like a bit of a jackass. Sufficed to say, every time I see her now, I greet her by name.

2. When Bethany House was owned by Bethany Fellowship, which runs a missions college, we had students helping out in our warehouse and customer service as Work-study jobs. One of these kids came through the line handed me the book and asked, “Could you make it out to my mom?”

So I did.

For Mom, Hope you enjoy. David R. Long.