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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Following Is a Paid Promotional...

We haven’t checked in with Joe at Word Foundry for a while one this site, so I thought I’d point you in his direction. I’m not directing you at any particular post but rather the concept as a whole. This is a man with a status bar in the left column that is tracking his latest WIP. His posts, as a whole, have been bursts about what he’s completed. This is a man moving forward.

I’m guessing (though I don’t know for sure and could probably just ask) that this ends up being a bit of a self-motivation technique. He’s laid the forward momentum of his book out for al the world to see. We’ll know, if we care to stop by everyday, whether the little bar stays at 17% or creeps forward.

There’s a lot of circumstances where motivation shouldn’t be a problem. You have either an assignment or a contract with a date and you need to meet that date. Outside those realms sometimes things get a little freeform.

I think that’s where writing community comes in. It can be difficult being alone in our writing. Who, after all, really needs these pieces written? The world certainly won’t end if another unpublished novel goes unwritten. You can talk yourself out of a lot of words that way. If it becomes too hard to make it alone then rely on motivating presence of others.

I feel a bit like Tony Robbins now. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR WRITING GOALS TODAY. Just dial this number and send $159.99 for my video series.