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Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Worst Advice

I’ve been thinking a bunch lately about the relational nature of jobs and business in general. There’s always a three part structure: product, buyer, and seller. It’s easy to think of them in this order:

seller – product – buyer

But it seems more helpful, in terms of work, to think of it with the seller in the middle. They are the intermediary between the product that’s wanted and the buyer who wants it.

In terms of publishing we have readers, authors and the book. But that’s not really the case because you add editors and publishing houses and distributors and salesmen on top of that equation.

One way of sorting it is to look at authors – editors – readers. An editor’s job is to try and help link an author’s vision to a reader’s taste.

We’ll get more into this tomorrow, but I think the worst advice is any which solely focuses on the readers’ taste. Yes, we all like BANG! moments within two or three pages. And happy endings. And the lot. But if those things are imposed on the author’s intentions against her will. Well, that advice sucks.

More tomorrow. Must go to airport and pick up arriving parents.