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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Selling Your Soul to Random House

I don't have much time nor much thought for today's post, but I'll keep it on the theme of selling out by talking about what happens when you look at publishing for ABA.

The biggest fear, I think, of Christian authors is that ABA publishers would require them to neuter their spiritual message. I've heard from CBA authors who've written for the ABA and said that was true so I can't doubt them. But then I look at some of the amazing books of faith-filled literature and wonder how those got through.

I think the answer may lie in the actual spiritual content of the book. One of the most problematic things is to make issues of faith instrinsic to a story. Too often, they seem either added on or puffed up because the writer was self-aware during their writing. "This is my Christian section." And that stands out. And I think that's what gets chopped down, too.

I could be very wrong. There are probably solid marketing reasons for not wanting too didactic a spiritual message in a story. But again, if it can be removed, then it doesn't seem like the story was crafted right in the first place. It seems to me when faced with a book, a publishing house should have very little choice but to judge it on its merits. We like this story enough to go with the Christian content or we don't. Anything else and it seems like there are other issues at hand.

I'm gone Thursday and Friday to Colorado. If I can post, I will. Otherwise, take care. If you've emailed me recently, I won't get to you until I get back. I'm no ignoring you though.