f a i t h * i n * f i c t i o n: Day 5 of Our Publishing Tour: Periodicals and Web

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Friday, April 16, 2004

Day 5 of Our Publishing Tour: Periodicals and Web

We’ve reached the last day of our tour. Blogger and Blogspot conspired for a day to keep all this vital information from reaching you but we persevere.

In Christian publishing there are basically only a handful of magazine publishing groups to know for their relevance to fiction authors.

Strang Communications who we mentioned yesterday publishing Christian Retailing. The rest of their line of magazines are more Christian life including New Man, Charisma, Spirit-Led Woman, and Vida Christian.

Christianity Today International publishes, duh, Christianity Today. They also release Campus Life, Leadership, Today’s Christian Woman, and Marriage Partnership. As well, they publish Books and Culture a bi-monthly journal with an academic flavor that covers mostly non-fiction but does provide the occasional fiction review. It’s an excellent periodical though.

Relevant is out on its own, but has strong connections to Strang, as Cameron Strang and his sister run Relevant. Their coverage of fiction has been minimal, but their awareness and engagement with today’s culture may be unmatched for its, well, relevance.

For literary journals, I keep mentioning Image and also Mars Hill Review.

On the multi-media side of things there’s Salem Communications who published CCM, owns radio stations nationwide, and also has the Salem Web Network, of which CCM Online, Crosswalk.com, and The Fish are a part.

Finally there are a million-and-one web ventures up that tackle faith and fiction. The best place to search out interesting sites is a fairly comprehensive listing called Sites Unseen. My links are a small list of places I like to visit, but there are millions more out there.

So that’s our tour. Next week we’re back discussing writing and literature. We’ll take a look at Godric by Frederick Buechner and at some point we may very well come to live from the Festival of Faith and Writing.