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f a i t h * i n * f i c t i o n

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Upcoming and Coming Up

Lots of random thoughts for a surprisingly complicated Tuesday:

1. Baseball season opened today. And there was much rejoicing.

2. Left Behind #12 arrived in stores today. And at Tyndale there was much rejoicing. The rest of us in the industry are pretty much just glad it’s over with. ({Homer}Mmmmm, bitter grapes.{/homer})

3. My Freaks and Geeks DVD set arrived unexpectedly at my house yesterday. This prompted such a primal scream of pleasure that I made my 11 month old daughter cry. The (quiet) rejoicing began after she went to bed. (And if I have to say it again, Freaks and Geeks=Best Thing Ever on TV.)

4. I’m in the midst of setting up a board for posting. The comments thing is okay, but we’ve discovered limitations. Plus I want you all to begin interacting with each other as we’re all in this together. I’m hoping to get this done fairly soonish. It’ll give us more space for opinions, a chance for gathering critiques on our work, and room to goof off.

5. Next week I’m going to start a tour of the Christian publishing industry. We’ll look at other publishers, magazines, retail outlets, and some key resources that might be helpful. I will follow the adage that if you don’t have something nice to say, it’s better just to shut up.

6. The best put down of someone’s writing: “You know that saying, ‘A million monkeys with a million typewriters in a million years…?’ Person nods. You hand them their writing and say, “Two stupid monkeys sharing a crayon for ten minutes.” Now, can someone please tell me where I’ve heard this (or some approximation)? I didn’t make it up and I can’t place it right now. Also, yes, these are the things we write in our rejection letters and then delete.

7. Best way not to get published: “God told me you’d publish this!”

8. Second best way not to get published: “The Holy Spirit told me you’d publish this!”

9. Third best…oh, you get the picture.

10. I’m going to be at the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College from April 22-24. Come visit me at the Bethany House/Baker booth. I’ll have postcards promoting this site and the chance to win a faith*in*fiction library of 15 books including Dubus, Buechner, Tatlock, Potok, Cramer, Salzman, and others.

11. I’ll also be at the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference in Estes Park from May 13-15. I’ll be talking about “The Expanding Vision for Christian Fiction” and “Reading Better for Better Writing.”

12. The Pixies are reuniting and their first show is in Minneapolis in two weeks. It’s sold out and tickets are on eBay for $220+. There was no rejoicing at all. Just frustration that I didn’t hear about this earlier.

That’s it. Joe at Word Foundry’s been writing some good posts lately. You can check there for more substantive content. He has a good take on how one writes character description. (Though I think genre, pseudo-noir in the case of American Gods had a fair amount to do with Gaiman's decision.)