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Monday, February 23, 2004

My Dog Ate Today's Planned Column...

My name is Dave and I own too many books. I’ve known it for a while now, but it was mostly in that generic, unformed way in which I understand things like carburetors or physics or sushi. This weekend I got an abrupt lesson in what owning too many books means when I couldn’t located my copy of Understanding Comics. That puts a sizable kink into today’s plans seeing as how I was going to discuss and all.

So, it’s on reserve at the library and should be arriving within the week. In the meanwhile we’ll turn to every column writers boon companion in times like this: reader mail.

Jen P. asks an intriguing (hypothetical) question of the publisher for whom I work.

…how far is Bethany House willing to go? [in terms of content] Would your employer publish any of the books on your list had the author approached BHP?
Well, here’s the list along with my best guess and a reason or two why. (I haven’t read all these, so feel free to argue.)

A Canticle for Leibowitz - Doubtful. Too Catholic.
A Prayer for Owen Meany - As is, no. But we’d enjoy passing it around.
A Soldier of the Great War - Don’t know enough about this book.
All Hallows’ Eve - Possibly. It would be a tough sell, though.
Black Robe - Quite possibly.
Blue Shoe - No. Typical CBA content reasons.
Bridge of San Luis Rey - No. Not “Christian” enough.
Byzantium - Yes.
City of Joy - Possibly.
Collected Stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer - No.
Crime and Punishment - Hopefully.
Death Comes for the Archbishop - Don’t know enough about this book.
Death of Ivan Ilych and Other Stories - No. We don’t really do short stories.
Father Elijah - Nope. Too Catholic.
Gap Creek - Possibly. Some content issues though.
Glittering Images - Doubtful
God: Stories - No.
Godric - Yes.
Green Dolphin Street - Possibly. I intend to read soon. Will know more then.
Jewel - Doubtful.
Leaving Ruin - Yes.
Les Miserables - 1600 pages of translated French. Fun.
Liars and Saints - Nope. Content issues.
Lying Awake - Most likely no, but I would’ve gone down fighting.
Many Waters - Too long since I read. Maybe.
Mariette in Ecstasy - Doubtful. Sex and nuns don’t mix too easily.
Mr. Ives’ Christmas - Read it. Can’t remember a thing.
My Name is Asher Lev - Jewish book, so no. But we’d all love it.
North of Hope - No. Hassler is close, though.
Oscar and Lucinda - Priest with a gambling problem. No.
Our Lady of the Forest - No. Visions of Mary.
Peace Like a River - We would have tried.
Phantastes - We publish his Scottish romances.
Quarantine - No. Unorthodox view of Jesus.
Remembering - Know the author but not this book. Doubtful.
Return of the King - Christian message not explicit enough.
Saint Maybe - Doubtful, for content.
Saints and Sinners - Possibly. Haven’t read it, but it’s about Bonhoeffer.
Selected Stories by Andre Dubus - Regrettably, no.
The Book of the Dun Cow - Quite possibly.
The Diary of a Country Priest - There’d be a fight for it.
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - This is closer than you might think.
The Living - Don’t know this book. Author tends to be a touch…obscure.
The Man Who Was Thursday - Next to be read. From what I know, I doubt it.
The Moviegoer - Nyet. Catholic doubting.
The Passion of Reverand Nash - As is, no. Content. Close though.
The Power and the Glory - No.
The Testament - A tweak here and there and we might.
Til We Have Faces - Doubtful.
To Kill a Mockingbird - Yes.
Wise Blood - Doubtful. This one troubled my dreams.

Feel free to email me with any and all responses to this.