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Friday, February 13, 2004

Looking Ahead

So, next week we’ll be discussing Jesus Saves and looking at some hard questions of the balance between realism, entertainment, and what happens when you write something others may not want to read.

After that I’m going to get back to talking about writing with a discussion of craft and understanding craft. The first day or two of this is going to focus on Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. If you’ve any disposable income and don’t feel like sending it to me out of the kindness of your heart, you may want to consider buying this text. Very little is actually applicable to fiction writing, but the thought and intention behind it is astounding. If nothing else, see if your library system has it and check it out.

Looking far ahead, I will be attending the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College this April 22-24. I’m going as an exhibitor and hope to keep a running journal from my time there. It’s the premier event in this country for serious discussion of faith and the literary arts. Non-fiction, poetry, drama, and more are also spoken at the event, so it’s not just a fiction focus. Some of the speakers include Joyce Carol Oates, Leif Enger, Frederick Buechner, Douglas Coupland, and tons others. An eclectic mix, to say the least.

Beyond that I’ll be attending (and presenting) at the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference in Estes Park in mid-May. More on that as the time approaches.

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